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ANYTHING but ordinary!

11 August
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Ty's Journal


The best way to describe myself would be to say I'm a dichotomy in every sense of the word. I'm a preppy, tattooed electrician, with a little alternative punk mixed in. Tall, attractive, broad shouldered 28yo who is just as comfortable dancing the night away as kicking back at home for the evening. I am a gay man who can get along with most anyone, however that being said be able to hold a conversation about anything, maintain honesty, and be able to stand your ground when necessary.
By all means say hello, I'm sure I'd love to hear from you. You get points if any of the following ring a bell...Lenore, Invader Zim, Roman Dirge, Evil Dead, or Donnie Darko. If you knew what dichotomy meant without having to look it up, you get extra points!